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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Virtual and augmented reality has already enabled us to travel the world with the push of a button, to ride the waves while sitting comfortably on our couch, or to take a roller coaster on an iceberg. There seem to be no limits for VR/AR in the entertainment and experience industry. But how do you use these innovations to strengthen your customer relationships as a retailer, to double the traffic on your website, to increase your ROI exponentially, or to strengthen your name as an online business?

Our VR/AR Excellence Days on 25/26 April 2018 in Hamburg will be the interactive and hands-on platform you need to discover the potential and usability of virtual, augmented and mixed reality for your company. Best practice cases, technological innovations, and a visionary outlook are at the heart of this inspiring event. Put your thinking hats on and observe newcomers as well as big players up on stage while they explain the multiple ways you can benefit from VR and AR in your marketing and sales strategy as well. We are looking forward to a vivifying day in your company.


Hot topics

  • Trends & leaders worldwide: Who is doing what with VR and AR and why are they doing it?
  • The relevance of VR and AR for retailers & brands: In a shark tank filled with consumer abundance and competitors, how can your customer relation strategy come out as the winner?
  • Global e-commerce: Is VR truly an asset?
  • VR travel: #theworldinmyhead
  • Fashion meets VR: Is this the future of shopping or simple hype?
  • VR and AR in media companies: Hot topic or epic fail?

Target groups

The VR/AR Excellence Days will open its doors to decision makers from industries such as
  • Marketing, Sales & Communications
  • CRM & CEM
  • Innovation Management & Business Development
  • Hard- & Software Development
  • Media & Entertainment
  • VR, AR, and Digital Transformation Solution Providers
  • Consulting Services
  • Agencies
  • Market Researchers.


Become a partner

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Date and Location

25. und 26. April 2018

Bucerius Law School
Hochschule für Rechtswissenschaft
Jungiusstrasse 6
20355 Hamburg