Stellungnahme zum Coronavirus

In Zeiten des Coronavirus agieren auch wir als Event-Veranstalter unter neuen Rahmenbedingungen. Hierbei hat für uns als verantwortungsvoller Gastgeber die Gesundheit unserer Mitarbeiter*innen, Teilnehmer*innen und Partner höchste Priorität. Eine verbindliche und perspektivische Planung unserer Live-Veranstaltungen ist durch die sich regelmäßig ändernden Gegebenheiten und Vorgaben derzeit schwierig. Um weiterhin Ihren Anforderungen nach werthaltigen Inhalten, Orientierung und Austausch Rechnung zu tragen, entwickeln wir digitale Alternativen zu einer Vielzahl der anstehenden Veranstaltungen. Die Möglichkeiten einer ergänzenden Live-Durchführung prüfen wir regelmäßig und richten uns dabei nach den jeweils geltenden gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen und tatsächlichen Gegebenheiten.

> Zum Hygienekonzept.

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Ihre Geschäftsführung der Management Forum der HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GmbH


Hygiene concept at Management Forum der HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GmbH

Preliminary remarks
During the course of the coronavirus crisis, we as an event organiser are also subject to new general conditions. We are a responsible host and give top priority to the health of our employees, participants and partners.

The Management Forum hygiene concept is based on action recommended by the Research Institute for Exhibition and Live Communication (R.I.F.E.L.) and maps the standards of all federal states in which Management Forum der HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GmbH holds events.

During events, we take all appropriate measures to prevent the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 from spreading, with the aim of ensuring the safe and smooth implementation of conferences.

We do not exceed the maximum number of visitors permitted by the respective federal state.

The concept is part of the General Terms and Conditions of Business of Management Forum der HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GmbH and applies to participants, speakers, guests, exhibitors, sponsors, service providers and any other parties attending the events. In participating in an event held by Management Forum you recognise these rules. Management Forum reserves the right to exclude anyone who violates the measures listed.

In addition, an individual hygiene concept will be drawn up for each event, taking account of the special requirements of the relevant federal state and the local circumstances.

Spacing rules:
During the conference, all appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be observed. For this purpose, we will draw up seating plans allowing for a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between two seats and ensuring that there is sufficient space between the first row and the stage.

A personalised assignment of seats is only foreseen in exceptional cases.

A special visitor flow management team will define fixed aisles with a view to avoiding crowds of people and queues. The aisles will be sufficiently marked in order to ensure that people maintain a distance. Where possible, separate entrances and exits to the conference room will be defined and labelled accordingly.

In the context of an exhibition, distances of at least 1.5 metres between the exhibition stands will be ensured. A corresponding exhibition plan will be drawn up beforehand.

If there are any areas where the spacing rules cannot be adhered to, suitable separators (such as plexiglass panels) will be fitted. This may be the case, for example, at the check-in or between the exhibitor and visitors at the exhibition stand.

Mouth/nose protection ("everyday face mask")
Everyone attending an event must wear suitable mouth/nose protection throughout the entire event. They may only remove it while sitting in their seat and to eat or drink.

Everyone attending is requested to bring suitable mouth/nose protection of their own with them. However, Management Forum has some disposable masks as a substitute in case they are needed.

For the purpose of allowing any infections to be traced, and no other purpose, the following contact data will be collected from all visitors:

  • First name, surname, address, (mobile) phone number and e-mail address

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, this data will be stored securely and in compliance with data protection rules, made available to the relevant health authority where required and deleted or destroyed no more than one month after the end of the event.

Articles 13, 15, 18 and 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the obligation to provide information and the right to information regarding personal data shall not apply.

The data will be requested on site either in writing on paper or digitally by QR code.

Everyone is requested to download and activate the Federal Government's corona warning app.

Anyone who has been in an area defined by the Federal Government as a risk area within 14 days before the beginning of the event is requested to present a negative coronavirus test.

Anyone showing symptoms of illness that suggest an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (such as high temperature or a dry cough) will not be permitted access to the event.

Management Forum will indicate the relevant hygiene measures and rules of conduct on site (including the etiquette with regard to coughing or sneezing) by means of appropriate and clearly visible signs. The hygiene concept will again be pointed out verbally to visitors when they are greeted at the check-in and again at the start of the conference.

General hygiene measures on site:
Management Forum will ensure that sufficient sanitiser dispensers and opportunities for hand-washing are available.
All door handles, handrails, surfaces and contact areas will be cleaned at regular intervals. A corresponding plan specifying cleaning intervals will be developed together with the person responsible for the event location.
Sufficient ventilation will also be ensured together with the person responsible for the event location.

Hygiene officer
In the context of each event, an employee of Management Forum der HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GmbH will be appointed as the hygiene officer, with the task of monitoring adherence to all measures in this concept on site.
All employees will be trained beforehand with regard to all essential aspects relating to hygiene.

On site, every employee is obligated to wear mouth/nose protection at all times.

Every employee is authorised to point out any failure to adhere to this hygiene concept and enforce site regulations where appropriate.

Registration at the check-in will be contact-free wherever possible. A sufficient distance between the Management Forum employee and the visitor will be ensured by putting up a separator.

Catering, technology
The catering during the event will be provided in coordination with those responsible for the event location, in such a way that spacing rules and hygiene rules can be adhered to. This hygiene concept forms part of collaboration with all service providers and partners, and Management Forum monitors adherence to it.



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