“Meet the Millennials where they are – on mobile!”

In 1894, 122 years ago Narvesen was established in Norway. This was the start of Reitan Convenience, which today is a leading convenience retailer with almost 2,400 stores in 7 European markets. Narvesen, with close to 400 stores and 200.000 customers a day, is central in the lives of Norway´s population of 5 million. Located at metros, train stations, malls, airports and high streets Narvesen is always close. And actually many Norwegians keep Narvesen close at all times. They have the Narvesen app on their smartphone.

For millennials this is definitely the case. Most Norwegian millennials have the Narvesen app. And they keep it on their phone. Because it´s worth it.

Narvesen has been a pioneer in mobile marketing and their iPhone app was launched back in 2010. Today Narvesen keep innovating and keep engaging with their customers. Today´s app is obviously far more advanced, but that is also required to meet the expectations of the millennial consumers. However, in the end it is all about the content – meaning what value proposition Narvesen has.

The below video gives a 1-minute summary and visual presentation of what Narvesen do to drive loyalty on coffee, which is a key category for them as for many other convenience retailers.

Digital stamp cards resonate well with the millennial consumers and with Liquid Barcodes technology Narvesen can differentiate effectively between their customers based on how loyal they actually are. The more loyal the customer is, the more important he or she is for Narvesen. And thus, the more Narvesen is willing to invest in further strengthening this particular customer´s emotional relationship to Narvesen.

Narvesen´s stamp card on coffee is built on 5 levels. At all levels every 5th coffee is free, but at each level the reward gets better. At the first level it is just a free coffee. At the 5th level it is a free coffee together with a free Coca-Cola drink. And at the 5th level the customer is considered a gold customer, which also receives segmented deals from time to time. Even free gifts.

The second video gives a 1-minute summary and visual presentation of what Narvesen do to drive increased purchase frequency on coffee. Coffee is a frequency driver and Narvesen uses their app to motivate their customers to come back sooner. Follow-up coupons, triggered at scan of the customer´s unique loyalty card have proven successful for Narvesen. The follow-up coupon, which is single-use is sent out in the customer´s app with a dynamic time-stamp giving the customer x hours/days to redeem. Narvesen chooses if they want to give the customer 6, 12 or 24 hours to redeem, or on other categories a day or two. Real-time analytics allows the decision to be based on actual results and thus balancing the redemption rates with the possible cannibalization on full price purchases.

These app mechanics are possible with Liquid Barcodes technology. Liquid Barcodes technology platform powers Narvesen´s app and connects it with their point of sale system through unique codes.

Mats Danielsen, Founder and CEO of Liquid Barcodes will be on stage at the 2017 Handel und Wandel an Tankstellen und Convenience Stores Conference

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